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Scroll down the page to learn about SPARK Make-up Services!


Look your absolute best for your upcoming occasion!  We provide a personalized make-up look for you.  From day makeup- natural & fabulous to night makeup- dramatic & glamorous; we are the artists to help you SPARK!  
Choose from any of our professional make-up services :
--- Full Face Cream Foundation ---
--- Make-up Lessons ---
--- Bridal ---
*Add-ons or Solo* :
--- Temporary Lash Extensions ---
--- Strip Lashes ---


Capture the crown! Be the SPARK on the stage and in the interview room! SPARK artists travel to your pageant to provide you with award-winning hair and make-up artistry services!


On your special day, take the time to relax and be stress-free, knowing that your stunning look is all taken care of. Sit back and allow a SPARK artist to make you even more perfect on your wedding day. 
* So we can assure you look as flawless on your wedding day, as you have always imagined, a bridal consultation is required prior to the wedding date. 
*Bridesmaids and family members can also join in on the "beautify-ing". Ask about our bridal packages!


* ALL lessons can be add-ons to any service or solo.


--- EYES*---

          This service focuses specifically on enhancing your eyes. A SPARK artist will customize an eye look you desire (natural, dramatic smokey, light smokey, wings, etc.) and will teach you how to master your favorite look.




          This service focuses on shading in your brows for the right shape for your face.  You will learn to master your brows with the help of a SPARK artist.




          This service focuses on contouring your face according to how your face is shaped. A SPARK artist will show and teach you exactly how to sculpt and highlight your face.



--- LIPS*---

          This service focuses on enhancing your lips and their lines. A SPARK artist will determine your lip shape, and the correct way to apply either natural or dramatic color to them.



--- LASHES*---

          This service focuses on the application of false strip lashes. A SPARK artist will teach you to apply "falsies", so you can always look glamorous!




How many times have you wished you didn't have to put mascara on? And just wished that your lashes were naturally that long and voluminous? WISH NO MORE! Temporary Lash Extensions by Spark Artistry will have you waking up, flawless! Have a SPARK artist apply your temporary lash extensions and be able to say "I woke up like this..." for 3-7 days!



--- STRIP LASH ---

Look fabulous for the day or night with "voluminious" or "lengthy" lashes. They add the "perfect touch" to both natural and dramatic makeup. Have a SPARK artist apply them to your finished look TODAY!

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