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Scroll down the page to learn about SPARK Eyebrow Design Services!


Are precision and definition what you want in your eyebrows? Do you want them clean and polished with the perfect arch? Then eyebrow threading is the technique for you.
No hot wax, no ripping off layers of skin and leaving them subject to UV rays, no plucking each and every single hair- one by one. This amazing technique uses 100% cotton thread to lift each of the hairs, directly from the hair's folicle; even in the first stages of the hair's growth.
SPARK ARTISTRY is certified in threading services
by Von Lee International.


Eyebrows make a huge difference in your appearance!


Have your eyebrows cleaned up and get the perfect shape for your face by having your hairs tweezed or plucked in all the right areas.


A SPARK artist will access your current eyebrow shape and will either design or re-design your eyebrows according to your face shape and correct facial measurements. This is perfect for someone who needs total eyebrow grooming, is a first timer, or just wants to get the perfect eyebrow shape.


Get all of the benefits of threading your hair, anywhere on your body: complete and full removal of the hair directly from the folicle, much healthier for the skin than waxing, safe for all types of skin (even naturally sensitive or sensitive due to medical reasons).


Instead of going through all of the pain of waxing certain areas, threading will remove the same hair, without burning it or the skin off. 


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